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The Coast Independent, Gibsons, British Columbia
Tales of a long and varied life now available in print. By George Cooper

I Was There by Frank Proctor is a well-paced account which takes the reader through many an amusing incident and sober reflection on a long and varied life. From his years of growing up in the coal mining region of Durham, England, he ventured, the "green Englishman", to the Saskatchewan prairie. In World War II he spent his long war service with the Regina Rifles, and in later years was active in British Columbia.

What does a man do when he has a story to tell his children and grandchildren? Well, he could just tell bits of it to them from time to time, but not Frank Proctor. He sat down and wrote it out in longhand - when he was well over 70 years of age.

The book recounts his upbringing in a coal mining community in England and its strong family ties and Christian moral principles. It relates his adventures in Saskatchewan in 1928 in the gruelling work of the wheat harvest, and in the varied jobs in Regina in the Depression. Then his sense of duty took him into World War II, with the Regina Rifles; seven years of it that included D-Day and on the VE Day. Like many a prairie dweller, he looked to a new life at "The Coast", where he set up his own business cleaning chimneys and store windows and floors. Frank Proctor tells all this in a pleasant flowing style that reveals his sense of humour and his down to earth outlook on life.

His story reveals a man who has a very modest view of himself, yet is really one who is made of sturdy fibre. His devotion to wife and family shines clearly, as does his string Christian faith, which always upheld him, especially in such onerous times as stooking under the burning sun on the harvest field, and the miseries that follow the drinking of alkaline water on the prairies. Through it all he could still enjoy the long prairie sky and the vastness of the land. This came from the artist in him.

The book is a record of Frank Proctor's odyssey in body and spirit throughout his long life. An odyssey in which he was influenced by " his willingness to venture into life in a strange land, his love of a wonderful wife and a supportive family and good friends, the learning of the price of freedom in his years with the Regina Rifles, and above all, his trust in God, the unfailing navigator throughout his life".


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Frank Proctor

Edited by
William N Tindall & Pamela Proctor

Published by tmi Publications, Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada

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